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A platform that allows landlords and occupiers to optimize and manage their workspaces and unify distributed workforces, blending the physical and digital environments, democratizing work.


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Become a Better Team, Together.

Symphona is a place where everyone can be together getting work done, whether you are in the office or working remote. This experience is optimized for interaction and socialization. Bring back and foster collaboration where ideas happen, between meetings, without the scheduling nightmare of Teams or Zoom.


Back-to-Work Tools

Quickly create an editable 3D model of any space to easily determine the optimal remote/in-office mix and develop return-to-work cohorts. Automated social distancing tools and heat mapping features allows managers to prototype the right back-to-work plan for your team.


Easily Plan Your Office of the Future

Easily edit your 3D plan to determine how your space may be used in the future. Draw walls and drag and drop furniture from our marketplace of leading suppliers with real time pricing for accurate budgets. Get online with a professional for help.


Be Present Wherever Your Working Today

Stop the burnout of Teams and Zoom meetings and get your office vibe back. Bring back the presence of being in the office, the energy of working in the same room and the spontaneity of impromptu conversations.


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“Symphona powered by FastOffice is an amazing platform with a ton of cool features! I think the flex/remote/hybrid model actually facilitates diversity & inclusion better than the traditional office-centric model.”

Christopher Pennington, Softchoice

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